Femfresh VIPee

Brief: Change younger women's perceptions of femfresh intimate wipes, from a product for women with ‘problems’ to a way to freshen up every day.

Solution: We knew our target market love music festivals and that the toilets are often the worst part of the festival experience. I had the idea to create exclusive ‘femfresh VIPee’ toilets at festivals - luxury loos just for ladies.

The femfresh VIPee loos launched at V Festival in August 2011. During the activity:

       80% agreed or strongly agreed that femfresh is an everyday product

       Over 30,048 femfresh samples were distributed

       There were 9,360 loo visits

"The results went beyond our expectations, 88% of women saying they had bought or would be buying femfresh going forward!

We have limited budgets but we are doing it again this year. That says it all.”

 Shahla Rushworth, Group Brand Manager



August 2011




Senior Creative Group Head