Andrex Eco

Brief: Create an experiential event to introduce new Andrex Eco, the first loo roll made with bamboo fibres and persuade people that it's as soft as their usual loo roll.

Solution: Our 'Get Bamboozling!' campaign encouraged shoppers to switch from their usual roll to Andrex Eco and see if their family noticed the difference. To persuade them, we put Eco and their usual loo roll side by side and challenged them to guess which was Eco. We used pioneering face recognition technology to measure how 'bamboozled' they were in the challenge, giving them the chance to win Eco prizes. 

Result: every campaign pound generated £2.26 of profit. 

35% of engagers went on to buy Andrex Eco. 






Creative Lead - I led this pitch and presented the idea to the Andrex team.


digital, experiential